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’BSIDES’ photography series turns the lens onto Osaka’s alternative scene. Captured by French photographer and artist Loubika, this series is a rare invitation into the shunned and often misunderstood 'B' side of modern Japanese culture. From body modification to loud music, lets escape societal norms for just a moment, and peek into another kind of ‘hidden world’ – one that is rarely explored.


‘B SIDES’ の写真シリーズは、大阪のオルタナティブシーンにレンズを向けています。フランス出身の写真家でもありアーティストであるLoubikaが撮影したこのシリーズは、誤解されがちな現代日本文化の「B」面への世界へあなたを招待します。肉体改造から大音量の音楽まで、社会規範から一瞬脱出し、別の種類の「隠された世界」を覗いてみましょう。

The term ‘B SIDES’ refers to the ‘flip’ side of a vinyl or cassette. When a band releases an album or a song, the ‘A’ side tends to receive the main promotional efforts, whereas the ‘B’ side – a secondary recording – typically receives less attention. The ‘B’ side may be more experimental, unusual, or just too different to fit in with the rest of the album.


This approach is also reflected in life. Most people only see or give attention to one side of Japan: from a surface level perspective everything can seem predefined, as though most people had chosen not to stray from their established path. However, if we delve deeper, we have the chance to meet some unique and fascinating individuals who have made the choice to live a much more alternative 


Within the city streets of Osaka lies a culture that many people tend to shy away from, and ‘B SIDES’ offers an authentic view into this hidden world. The people captured within these photographs are of those who have ‘flipped the disc’ in order to follow their own path, completely suited to them; one that might go against the norm of typical Japanese society.

This photography series showcases the ‘B’ side of modern Japanese culture, which is often less seen and heard. Nevertheless, while there are two sides to a disc, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are only two paths to follow. Not only can we flip the disc, but we can also balance it on its edge, make it roll, throw it in the air, break it in pieces, or bend it to make a sculpture – the possibilities are endless.

We can allow ourselves to see and acknowledge all sides of life, and accept those living on different sides from ours. Better yet, we can allow ourselves to not just see and accept others, but feel inspired to explore different faces of life.






大阪の街中では人々が目を逸らしてしまうような「B」面カルチャーを目の当たりにすることができます。’B SIDES’ はフォトグラフィーを通してその隠れた世界を提供します。これらの写真に写っている人々は独自の道を辿るためにディスクを”ひっくり返した”者であり、日本の典型的な社会の規範に反する生き方をしている人々と言ってもよい。






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