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This Artwork collection, created in Nozawaonsen for Kawamotoya Hotel Apartments, is inspired by the surrounding nature. Each season unveils a unique beauty and, in a way, opens our minds to philosophical ideas. From a tree bending under the weight of fresh snow to the relaxing sound of the river running through the village... With the smallest detail comes a feeling. Loubika collects these feelings and uses them to create art pieces.


Loubika, French artist based in Nozawaonsen, grew up in the countryside of southern France, raised in an artist's family, between circus and visual arts. Full of passion for Nature and Life itself, she likes to observe and isolate elements, and change their context to create new stories.


As a sensitive person, Loubika transcribes her emotions into art. Helped by her photography background to find the right composition, she portrays the spirit and softness of nature, playing with Sumi ink and watercolor techniques.

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