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Terms and conditions

Handpoke tattoo

The handpoke technique is basically tattooing without a machine. The needle is controlled only by the tattoo artist's hand. It does take longer than a tattoo done with machine, but doesn't hurt more. It's known as softer for the skin and heals faster, depending on how you take care of it after the session. 

Tattoo care

Everyone has its own way to take care of a tattoo, many tattoo artist will recommend different process so feel free to listen to your body, observe and react in consequence. 

I recommend to cover it with a plastic bandage with Vaseline the first 24hours, to protect from getting anything inside. Then keep the tattoo moist as much as you can for 10-20 days. It's always good to take the habit of moisturising it often for all your life to keep it nice ;)

No bath, swimming pool or sea for at least a week. Keep in mind that a fresh tattoo is an open wound, so you want to avoid soaking it in the water for too long. 


Please make sure to check the waiting list by contacting me, it can take a couple of months to get a tattoo.


Every design I make is very personal, I will not tattoo a design that I wouldn't tattoo on myself. Understanding that, I keep the right to refuse projects that don't suits my style. 


The tattoo's price depends on the size, the details, the ink (black only or colors) and the time spent on the design. I cannot give an exact price until the design is done. I can eventually give a price range, but it can change a little bit depending on the idea for your tattoo. 

If you change your mind and decide to not get the tattoo, it's totally fine. You will have to pay the price of the design only. 

And if you have any question, contact me!

Thank you! 

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